NBA Standings

One can find out through the NBA Standings which teams are in the winning side and which are on the losing side. This is well evident through analyzing various GB and GP schedules of different teams such as eastern and western conference teams. With the 2012-13 Regular Season Standings that the New York Knicks and Miami heat tops the charts with 18 and 19 wins respectively.

These teams belong to the eastern conference wing respectively according to the 2012-2013 NBA Regular Season Divisional Standings. Also the Oklahoma city thunder, Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs have won with 21 and 20 wins and are leading on the Western conference wing. Many basket ball lovers have full updated info on the Full Pro Basketball Standings and Records to discuss freely with their friends or while taking part in any online forums and discussion rooms. Also they could get a rough idea with these NBA standings 2012 that which teams would qualify further and which teams would find a place in NBA playoff standings. NBA scores and standings would offer great boost and enthusiasm for all basket ball fanatics when they find their favorite team standings NBA to love their team more and to offer a lot of support to their favorite player.

By conference

Eastern Conference
1z-Miami Heat6616.805-82
2y-New York Knicks5428.6591282
3y-Indiana Pacers4932.60516.581
4x-Brooklyn Nets4933.5981782
5x-Chicago Bulls4537.5492182
6x-Atlanta Hawks4438.5372282
7x-Boston Celtics4140.50624.581
8x-Milwaukee Bucks3844.4632882
9Philadelphia 76ers3448.4153282
10Toronto Raptors3448.4153282
11Detroit Pistons2953.3543782
12Washington Wizards2953.3543782
13Cleveland Cavaliers2458.2934282
14Charlotte Bobcats2161.2564582
15Orlando Magic2062.2444682
Western Conference
1c-Oklahoma City Thunder6022.732-82
2y-San Antonio Spurs5824.707282
3x-Denver Nuggets5725.695382
4y-Los Angeles Clippers5626.683482
5x-Memphis Grizzlies5626.683482
6x-Golden State Warriors4735.5731382
7x-Los Angeles Lakers4537.5491582
8x-Houston Rockets4537.5491582
9Utah Jazz4339.5241782
10Dallas Mavericks4141.5001982
11Portland Trail Blazers3349.4022782
12Minnesota Timberwolves3151.3782982
13Sacramento Kings2854.3413282
14New Orleans Hornets2755.3293382
15Phoenix Suns2557.3053582