This venue is very well known across the world. Establishing a firm stand as a tremendous venue for organizing tennis this venue has great historical associations with it. It is a regular host for one of the tennis grand slams- Wimbeldon and has delivered the tennis lovers excellent coverage over the years.

It is located in the south-west London. The importance of the venue is highlighted by the fact that it the best grass court venue in the world. It has a total of 19 courts and 6 of them are clay ones and five indoor. The most popular court of this venue is the Centre Court which has hosted may Wimbeldon finals. A number of changes have been made in the infrastructure to provide better seating and other basic facilities.

With Roger Federer winning the Wimbeldon 2012 and his seventh Wimbeldon title, the excitement level of the fans has reached new level. The competition for this event is expected to be extremely intense and it also promises to some of the most thrilling and enthralling tennis experience.

After the games all the interim changes will be removed and the venue will return to its original form to continue being host to the tennis grand slam- Wimbeldon.

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