Weymouth and Portland

Weymouth and Portland

One of the most natural and pleasing venue for the London Olympics 2012 is the Weymouth and Portland. The completely natural elegance that it provides will be a completely new experience for the viewers. The natural beauty is astounding providing amazing natural sailing water sight, a great view for the spectators.

The venue was already equipped with the world class sailing facilities but still some changes are being carried out to leave no space for any loopholes and make it completely ready for the Olympics. The modifications which have been introduced includes berth marina and most of them will be used during the Olympics.

Few infrastructural changes are being made to assure proper launching and landing of boats. The project was completed before the expected schedule and within the allocated budget. It is surely going to be one of those venues of London Olympics which will leave the spectators and the athletes with memorable memories.

The changes that have been made to this venue will be retained after the completion of the game. This shall further strengthen the venue for providing world class training and event hosting capabilities. The venue is also involved in one of the community program.

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