Wembley Arena

Wembley Arena

This arena is mostly associated with music. Located in the north-west part of London it is one of the high profile venue for sporting events. It is also the second largest indoor arena in London.

It has its history linked to the British Empire Games. In fact the Wembley arena was built for these games in 1934 and originally it had a swimming pool. However, the Wembley arena has undergone some modifications to make it commensurate with the sporting events like Badminton and Gymnastics. It did not require a great deal of changes to be ready for the Olympic events but certain indispensable changes were made.

In the process of getting it ready, lighting and flooring procedures were carried out. Temporary arrangements for warm up sessions have also been made.

Hosting for events like Badminton and Gymnastics and that too in London Olympics is a matter of great pride for this venue and it is expected that this will definitely add spectacle of success to its already glorified history.

After the completion of the sporting extravaganza in London Olympics 2012, the venue will return to its original form and will again be used for supporting live music and other sporting events.

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