The Royal Artillery Barracks

The Royal Artillery Barracks

The historical significance of the Artillery Barracks dates back to 1716. It was the Royal warrant which gave the authorization for the formation of two artillery companies. The picturesque architecture of the Artillery Barracks is very soothing for the viewers. Modifications have been made to the existing structure and this has helped in bringing about a distinguishing look to it which has illuminated its beauty.

The interim indoor ranges for Pistol and Rifle shooting were built alongside the outdoor shotgun ranges. Arrangements for spectator stands have also been made. The overall practice for bringing about a change in the outlook of the stadium began in 2011 and was completed in a year’s time. The infrastructural beauty of the venue is difficult to be explained in words. What can be definitely said is that the participating shooters will indeed have an experience of their lifetime during the games.

The Royal Artillery Barracks will not be retaining its modified look after the games. As soon as the games get over the changes made in the venue will be taken back and the structure will be returned to its original condition. After this, it will be handed over to the Ministry of Defence.

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