The Mall

The Mall

The Mall is one of the prestigious venues of the London Olympics 2012. Located in the Central London the venue is known for organizing formal ceremonies and important sporting events. The red road prepared for the event is expected to give the athletes feel of the red carpet which will also be a different experience for them.
Talking about the history of the Mall it was primarily used to mark the honorary welcome of the royal family and other important heads. The route came into existence in the early 20th century and was mainly used at those times as the marching route.

This would definitely remind the local residents about the historical importance of the route and will push them towards the event. Other kinds of infrastructural facilities are also installed on the route to keep a proper track of the entire race.

The technical competence associated is also, one of the best. It will be a new feeling for the participating athletes in the event. The new route also poses challenge in front of the athletes to acclimatize to whatever change have been made in the track and it shall also invigorate the spirit of the participating athletes to a newer level.

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