St. James' Park

St. James' Park

Talk about one of the most passionate sporting event, what comes first to our mind is 'Football'. What an experience and amusement it will be for the viewers to have the classic element attached to the event about which they are extremely passionate. The classic element being talked about here is the playing ground itself. St. James' Park is the oldest football ground in the north-east England. It was privileged to organize a football match way back in 1880.

It is the home ground of New Castle United and has also hosted number of international matches. Since its inception in the 1880's St. James' Park has undergone numerous changes and modernization. It is equipped with some of the best available facilities for a football ground and the infrastructural surrounding is amazing.

With the overall capacity of approximately 52,000 the stadium is set to host six football matches during London Olympics 2012. The element of history associated with the stadium will definitely result in igniting the spark of passion and enthusiasm in the athletes and spectators driving them to have great zeal and vigour during the game. With the kind of skills of the players, the event promises to enthral the viewers with some thrilling and tough competition.

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