Riverbank Arena

Riverbank Arena

One of the most innovative and lucrative venues which offer some really exciting and competing events is the Riverbank Arena. London Olympics has come up with some interesting creativity with respect to the Hockey arena. It will be for the first time that the hockey play ground will be visible in blue and pink colour. The playing area will be blue and the surrounding field will be pink. This will assist the players in easily spotting the yellow ball.

With this new introduction on the playing field of hockey, hockey players will be eager to step out and get the feel of the field in match situation. Also, the spectators will also be itching to have this new kind of experience regarding the playing field.

Innovations like these are critical in shaping the future of the game. Though the success of this can only be analysed afterwards but the bold steps which call for change also attract attention. With the intention of presenting the spectators with a new kind of experience in the London Olympics feast, this is a bold step. Innovations in the game are always welcomed as long as they do not harm the game itself. Hopefully, this change will be a positive one for everyone- athletes, spectators and also for the game.

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