Race Walk

Race Walk

Race walk is one of those events whose certain portion would be accessible without having to pay for tickets. To get into the real mood and fell of the Olympics extravaganza, this is one of those events which shall generate the value offering capable of luring the spectators. Talking about the value factors, this event has again got a lot to offer for the spectators as it will allow them to get close to their stars and that too without paying anything.

It is one of those events which will be organised on the streets of London and is expected to fill the streets with passionate viewers. Owing to this probability the organizers are leaving no stone unturned to make sure proper traffic regulation measures are adopted to alleviate the stress of any irregularities. They have even started educating and advising people on how the spectators themselves can assist in managing the event.

As a part of this strategy they have told people to walk, use cycle or public transport in order to mitigate traffic related concerns. The crowd turn up will be high for these types of events and it is expected for people coming from distant places to have a local accommodation in order to have complete experience of the event.

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