Olympic Village

Olympic Village

The Olympic Village will be offering residential facilities to the athletes and the officials during the course of the London Olympics. It has been built in the Olympic Park and the residents of the athletes are almost at walking distance from the venues of different events.

The Village offers residential facilities to almost 17,000 athletes and officials. It also provides them different facilities ranging from restraints, shop, medical and media. Each apartment has excellent communication facilities including the internet access and even wireless networking. The apartments have been provided with great arrangements assuring a great stay for the visitors.

The village also offers a Village Plaza, a space where athletes can meet their friends and can enjoy themselves. The construction of this astounding structure began in 2008 and has now been completed successfully.

A large open space area has also been provided. The village also has great dining facilities and for this purpose it has a very large dining room where as many as 5,500 people can dine simultaneously. The entire place is very well equipped with some the best modern day facilities and assures ease of access to all of them. The organizers promise a very comfortable and remarkable experience to all the visiting athletes and officials.

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