Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium

As the name suggests, the Olympic Stadium has the centripetal force in the form of opening and closing ceremonies which it shall be using to attract the visitors. It will also be hosting some the most action and thrill promising events.

Having water ways in three directions around its periphery, the stadium has a mesmerizing view. It is situated on an island at the centre of the Olympic Park. The stadium’s capacity has been built to approximately 80,000 by making some interim arrangements to provide an extension to its earlier fixed capacity. With such a marvellous creation the organizers would definitely be hoping a large turnout of spectators. Also, the visitors must be willing to go and experience the spectacle of such an admirable venue.

The construction for this magnificent stadium began in May 2008 and it has been completed in almost three years of time. The overall design of the stadium has been done in such a manner to provide flexibility with respect to capacity and various necessary requirements. We may even predict that the entire infrastructure along with the skills of the athletes, probing contest and the zeal of the spectators would inevitably result in creating legacy.

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