Old Trafford

Old Trafford

The home of the Manchester United Football Club, Old Trafford is one of the popular venues for the London Olympics 2012. This ground was nicknamed as the ‘Theatre of Dreams, by Bobby Charlton. From 1910 onwards it has incessantly been the home for the Manchester United, except the eight year absence due to the world war.

The ground has had the experience of organizing some of the high profile matches and it has gained tremendous applause for doing so. The aesthetic value offered by the entire stadium is extremely pleasing. The overall structure is magnificent which offers soothing pictures for the eyesight.

With the overall capacity of over 75,000 it will be third largest stadium for the London Olympics. It is also the second largest football stadium in UK. Football matches that have been played in Old Trafford have seen great zeal and vigour from the fans, making the atmosphere absolutely electric. Similar or even wilder and crazier scenes can be expected at this traditional stadium which has been a host to many combats of football matches. The glory of the ground shall further be strengthened by the extraordinary display of talent on this ground during the Olympics 2012.

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