North Greenwich Arena

North Greenwich Arena

The Greenwich Arena will be a host to a number of events in the London Olympics 2012. It has successfully hosted many large scale events over the last few years and is situated on the Greenwich Peninsula on the banks of river Thames. With the kind of events the arena has already hosted, it is anticipated that it is going to be one of the busiest and popular centre during the course of the event.

For this edition of London Olympics 2012 it will be hosting events with Gymnastics- Artistic, Trampoline and Basketball and wheel chair Basketball competition. The Greenwich area was opened to the public in the year 2007. With capacity of around 20,000 the stadium has become on the known entertainment centres.

It is also one of the most amazing venues for entertainment sport and with the kind of services available; the pleasure is just going to get doubled. The areas close by include bars, restraints and other hang out places as well. Work is being carried out to make further enhancements and temporary installations of certain infrastructural parts will also be done before the games. Taking everything into consideration this again a avenue which assures inevitable excitement and fun.

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