Marathon event which will not be requiring tickets to be seen will be organised along the streets of London. Athletes shall be competing with each other in the picturesque surroundings of London. Large numbers of people are expected to be present during this event and hence measures are being taken to check the traffic condition.

Intriguingly, this is one of the events which will be compelling every common man to be a part of the mega event. The great thing is that they have been given this opportunity to view some of the world class athletes from the closest view possible.

People are being told to contribute towards the successful regulation of traffic for the smooth functioning of the event.

Hence, they have been advised to walk in, use cycle or public transport in order to minimize the hassles during the course of the event. Co-ordination is expected from the residents of London from the organizers in this regard.

The Marathon route includes most astounding view points along with some spectacular and exceptional attractions. It is surely going to be one of the most crowded and memorable events of the London Olympics both for the viewers as well as the athletes.

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