Lord's Cricket Ground

Lord's Cricket Ground

Lord's is one of the most prestigious venues for cricket. It is one of the highly rated venues for all forms of cricket ranging from international tests, ODIs, country cricket or even club cricket. The so called Mecca of Cricket will now be hosting events for London Olympics 2012. This magnificent world class stadium hardly requires any resurrection.

Thomas Lord is the creator of this stadium and it has been named after him. It is owned by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). The facilities available in this stadium are astounding and it also has the very famous media centre. This media centre was built before the 1999 Cricket World Cup and is extremely elegant structure equipped with some of the most amazing facilities.

Some minor changes are being made in the stadium with respect to seating in order to give the audience the opportunity to have a closer look at the action on the field. Other than that the ground is in full readiness to enthral its audience with some terrific action on the field.

It will be hosting Archery events in the London Olympics 2012 and is expected to be a great experience for the people who shall turn up.

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