IBC/MPC Complex

IBC/MPC Complex

The International Broadcast Centre/Main Press Centre (IBC/MPC) Complex is a complex designed for the media activities of the 2012 London Olympic Games. The 24 hours open media hub will be the place for about 20000 broadcasters, journalists and photographers who will be working very hard 24×7 to bring the event live on the television screens of more than four billion people worldwide.

The IBC/MPC Complex is situated in the North West corner of the Olympic Park, London. The whole complex is made keeping in view the future uses of the place after the games are over. IBC boasts of about 52000 square meters studio space for the broadcasters and about 8000 square meters for the offices. It will be possibly distributed into different units after the games are over.

The IBC/MPC Complex also has one temporary Catering Village for the press conference room having a capacity of about 800 persons to cater to the international media working there. It will also house a 4000 seat restaurant, a 200m long High Street and various outlets like the banks, newspapers, post office and travel office.

The 29000 square meter of office space with four storey workspace is for the media persons during the games. The construction began on the IBC/MPC Complex in April, 2009 and completed in 2011 summer.

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