Horse Guards Parade

Horse Guards Parade

The Horse Guards Parade is located on the doorstep of the PM in central London. The venue provides an amazing site for the 2012 London Beach Volleyball competition. The venue is named after the soldiers who have been providing the protection for the monarchy since the monarchy restored in 1660. The place dates back to 1745 and the venue even to this date host the Trooping of the Color event that happens on the official birthday of the Queen of England each year.

In the Horse Guards Parade, a temporary arena is being constructed for the games and it has a capacity similar to that of the Center Court of the Wimbledon. A gross 5000 tons of sand was brought in from a quarry in Godstone, Surrey and the beach of the London was ready to host the beach volleyball competition.

The arena and the spectator seating was installed in the venue after the Trooping of the Color was celebrated this year. The place is going to be a bonanza for the athletes and the spectators alike due to the beautiful gold sand and the spectacular setting.

The sporting event of the London Olympic Games 2012 that will happen in the Horse Guards Parade is:

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