Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

The Hampton Court Palace is a former royal residence located in south west London on the banks of the Thames River. The venue will host the Road Cycling Time Trial and will be a great setting for the cycling event.

The Hampton Court Palace has a very rich history of sports. The venue is home to the oldest real lawn tennis court in England among the ones that are even today surviving. It is actually one of the less than fifty real oldest lawn tennis courts. An 18-hole golf course is also located in the grounds of the palace.

The Hampton Court Palace was built largely in the 16th and 17th centuries. Among its dwellers are many famous kings and queens, most notably Henry VIII.

Many temporary structures will be installed at the Hampton Court Palace for the Road Cycling Time Trial. The most significant structures among them are the spectator facilities, the cycling start ramp and the hot seat. The hot seat is a position where the leading rider seats until he is beaten by another rider.

The sporting event of the London Olympic Games 2012 that will take place in the Hampton Court Palace is:

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