Hampden Park

Hampden Park

Hampden Park is the national stadium of Scotland. The venue is a place for the huge crowd records in the football matches in there and it is often ranked as one of the most terrific football stadia of the entire globe. The venue hosts many major matches and even the finals of the major football cup championships. The venue is also responsible for bringing other sports competitions and event the music artists to the people in there.

The Hampden Park will host three men’s matches and five women’s matches, i.e. gross eight matches in the football competition. It will also provide the stage for the Olympic Games closing ceremony.

The Hampden Park celebrated its centenary on October 31 in 2003 and underwent a £70m renovation and refurbishment recently. It is rated as a 5 star rated venue by UEFA.

The Hampden Park will host the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and the Athletics competition at Glasgow in the same year. The stadium will be transformed very well then using a technology that raises the playing area using a solid in-fill in the place.

The sporting event of the London Olympic Games 2012 that will occur in the Hampden Park is:

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