Hadleigh Farm

Hadleigh Farm

The Hadleigh Farm is a 550 acre venue located in the Essex countryside on the land owned by the Salvation Army. The place features the most beautiful grassland and woodland and the countryside of the Hadleigh Castle Country Park in the vicinity.

The Hadleigh Farm has the most terrific terrain for the sporting events of mountain biking where the gradients can measure 70m from the top to the bottom.

Construction began on the 2012 London Mountain Bike course in July 2010 and was completed in time in March 2011. 500 tons of rock and 3500 tons of crushed stone were used in the construction of the course.

The 5km course is located in an open hillside, a contrast to the conventional forest set up for the mountain biking events. The challenges like Deane’s Drop, Rock Garden and Snake Hill will be sufficient to challenge even the most skilled riders in the hills. The technical challenges will bring even better out of the competitors.

After the games, the venue will be for the leisure activities of the local people of the countryside.

The sporting event of the London Olympic Games 2012 taking place in the Hadleigh Farm is:

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