The largest sports events venue in the London Olympic Games 2012 is the ExCel. The venue is made up of five separate arenas; each of these arenas will host a separate event in the games this year.

In Docklands, London, the ExCel was opened in 2001 for the first time as an international conference and exhibition center. The venue is very experienced in staging many major events and it is an ideal venue to host some of the most important and most ancient sporting events outside the Olympic Park.

Since no construction was required for the Olympics, thus there was none of it there.

Many different test sporting events were done in the venue in 2011 to make sure that the venue was ready to host the games. The events were very successful and proved that the venue is best suited for the events. The veteran at hosting many major sporting events, the ExCel is all set to make its mark in the sports world again with the Olympic Games.

These sporting events of the London Olympic Games 2012 will take place in the ExCel:

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