Eton Dorney

Eton Dorney

The Eton Dorney Rowing Center at the Dorney Lake is touted as one of the most brilliant rowing venues of the world. It is set in a 400 acres park in a natural conservation region of the country. It is located 25 miles west of London. The center has hosted the elite level and community level rowing competitions both in the venue.

The Eton Dorney Rowing Center has a 2200m and 8 lanes wide rowing course. It also has warm up lanes and other necessary facilities. The already almost perfect facilities were further improved to meet the official standards of the Olympic Games so that the rowers bring the best in their performances.

An extra cut – through was created at the 1400m mark. Earlier only one cut – through was at the 600m mark to allow the rowers to get to the competition lane from the return lane. Two bridges were also installed in the venue, one at the new cut through at the 1400m mark and the other at the finish line. The latter has replaced an already existing bridge.

Two brilliant aquatic sporting events in the London Olympic Games 2012 will take place in the Eton Dorney Rowing Center which are:

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