Energy Center

Energy Center

The Energy Center is located at the west entrance of the Olympic Park and the place provides 25% of the total electricity and all of the hot water and heating facilities to the Olympic Park.

The 18m high Energy Center has been designed keeping in view the landmarks of the old traditions of Battersea and Bankside. It has a flexible design of a modular frame and it can accommodate any further capacity or requirements for the new constructions when they are required even after the games are over. The 21st century boilers are integral parts of the venue and can use the sustainable fuels as gas and woodchip so that heat is generated with low carbon energy.

Construction of the Energy Center began in 2008 and was done by the end of two years. It will provide the energy and HVAC facilities during the games. The venue is thus of great importance to the authorities, athletes and the spectators as well.

The Energy Center will be used up in providing energy and power supplies to the prospective neighboring building in the future. The building will be joined by a visitors’ educational center and will be in use in further times.

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