Earls Court

Earls Court

The Earls Court every year holds thousands of events of different variety varying from conferences to concerts to exhibitions to matches and attracts millions of visitors from all across the world every year. The place has an Olympic history associated with itself and has hosted the sporting events of boxing, gymnastics, weightlifting and wrestling in the 1948 London Olympic games.

Earls Ground was actually a waste ground before it was constructed. John Robinson Whitley, an entrepreneur decided to use this land as a show ground and he did it for many years. In 1935, the new owners of the land planned to make a show center to rival the best in the world and the biggest show venue of Europe was decided upon on the land in terms of volume.

Earls Court was opened in 1937 and it hosted the Chocolate and Confectionary exhibition the same year. It had an exhibition area of 40000 square meters upon its opening. These years, the Earls Court had been hosting many exhibitions and shows all through the times. A volleyball sports venue and a temporary seating arrangement will be held at the venue.

The sporting event happening in the Earls Court is:

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