Copper Box

Copper Box

The Copper Box is going to host the most exciting sports events of the 2012 Olympics set in the Olympic Park. The highly sophisticated and very flexible seating arrangement of the Copper Box is retractable and it can change the floor size of the venue site. This can facilitate different activities during the games as well as after the games both.

Sustainability is the main feature associated with the Copper Box. The 88 light pipes fitted in the venues allow the natural light to flow in that reduces the electric light usage. An annual energy saving of 40% will be achieved through this activity. The rainwater collected will be used to flush the toilets saving the water usage by 40%.

The top half part of the Copper Box is clad in 3000 square meters of external copper cladding and most of this copper is recycled. Recyclable products are used intensively in the construction and sustainability is a key priority while deciding the phase of the venue. Construction of the venue began in July 2009 and it completed in May 2011 becoming the third fastest venue construction to be completed.

The sporting events occurring in the Copper Box are:

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