City of Coventry Stadium

City of Coventry Stadium

The City of Coventry Stadium is one of the six venues chosen in the country of England to host the 2012 Olympic Games. It is also the home ground of the Coventry City. The sports venue is situated within an ultra purpose complex, which is a variety of entertainment, business and obviously sports.

The City of Coventry stadium was built in 2005 and was opened officially on February 24 in 2007. The stadium had already hosted the under 21 England v Germany and a whole Coventry City matches season. The City of Coventry stadium is one of the top most favorite venues of the United Kingdom and it has won a design for its extraordinary design.

The City of Coventry stadium won the bid to become the maiden Midlands sports venue to become the host of the 2012 London Olympic Games. No construction was required for the games as the stadium was already in great working position.

The spectators are advised to arrive early so that they do not miss any action at the football ground while they are at the security check ups. Get to your seats well before the time. Two hours before the first match of a session starts, the gates will be opened for the entry.

The sports taking place in the City of Coventry Stadium is:

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