BMX Track

BMX Track

To the north of Olympic Park, next to the Velodrome is located the all new designed BMX Track. This will be the place for all the cycling events in the Olympic Games. The distance of the men’s track is 450 meter and the distance of the women’s track is 440 meter. The whole venue covers approximately an entire region of area 160 meter by 90 meter that is slightly larger than the size of the entire size of the football pitch.

A very talented and internationally renowned and acclaimed BMX track designer helped the team in designing a swift and challenging race course. The race course features an 8m high ramp in the beginning and then the jumps and bumps to follow.

Approximately 14000 cubic meters soil was utilized to make the BMX track. The soil was cleaned and reused to make the challenging series of heights as high as 4m over which the end result is present.

The construction for the track was completed in about six months. The third round of the UCI BMX Super cross World Cup was hosted by the track that was a test event for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

This event will take place in the BMX Track:

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