Basketball Arena

Basketball Arena

The Basketball Arena is easily one of the largest temporary sports venues for any games. This venue inside the Olympic Park will be used intensively throughout the games. The events will take place in the Basketball Arena almost everyday.

The frame of the venue is made up of 1000 tons steel and is covered with about 2000 square meters of the while recyclable PVC fabric forming the lighting display in the games. The black and orange colors of the seats inside the arrangement represent the colors of the basketball, a visually amazing treat for the basketball enthusiasts. The work began in October 2009 and ended in time in June 2011. This was one of the quickest London Olympic constructions. The giant frame was set up in the spring 2010.

The arena makes the best use of space and the resources. It also includes areas for catering, media, security and waste management. The most efficient and spectacular Basketball Arena will be home to one of the most loved sports in the whole history of games and sports.

These sports events will take place almost everyday in the Basketball Arena of the Olympic Park in London which is:

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