10 km Marathon swimming

10 km Marathon swimming

10 Km Marathon swimming event will not be requiring tickets for some part. Athletes shall be playing against each other in the pleasing surroundings of London. Large numbers of people are expected to be present during this event and hence measures are being taken to regulate the traffic condition.

10 Km Marathon swimming is one of the most recent events added to the Olympics. The 10 Km Marathon swimming events for both Men and women will be held as straight finals. All the participating athletes in this competition shall be competing against each other simultaneously. In the London Olympics 2012, the venue for the 10 Km Marathon will be the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park which is home to the well-known Serpentine Swimming Club.

For this mega event huge turnout is expected and hence, special measures are taken to keep the security process in check. Also, people are being asked to use cycle, public transport or they shall just walk in to have control over the traffic issue.

One of the most talked about event primarily because of its unfamiliarity with Olympics is creating anxiety in the people and they are eagerly waiting to be a part of this grand event.

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