Olympics Venues

The Olympics games 2012 in London will be hosted at outstanding venues which are divided into two different categories which are newly buildup venues and Existing venues

New Venues

The Olympic Playground is the chief area of expansion in London. It holds the subsequent 'Big Five ' constructions:

1. The Olympic Stadium - for the main athletic event
2. The Aquatics Centre - for swimming event
3. The Olympic Village - where the staying area for the participant
4. The Velodrome - created for cycling games
5. The IBC/MPC - a convenient house for international photographers and journalist crew

All these five construction is now completed and on the track.

Existing Venues

The following is a list of existing sites which will be modified to host a variety of sporting events:

Earls Court in West London – it was modified to host Volleyball games.

ExCeL-is one more huge exhibition room, situated at the east of Docklands and will conduct Table Tennis, Fencing, Judo, Weightlifting, Power lifting, Boxing and others.

Greenwich Park – going to host the Equestrian and Current Pentathlon actions.

Horseguards Parade – hook up with Beach Volleyball.

The Dome – positioned at North Greenwich, going to crowd the artistic gymnastics and Basketball.

The Royal Artillery Barracks – settled up for shooting Games.

Wembley Stadium – positioned for Football and lastly.

Wimbledon - as you would have thought, will going to multitude the tennis war.

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