London Olympics 2012 Flag

The London Olympics Flag 2012 is a unique flag. It has five interconnected decorated with colorful rings on a white backdrop. The rings stand for the five chief land regions, or continents, of the planet. The rings are interlocked to represent familiarity between the countries.

The Olympics flag displayed for the first time In 1914.The drawing had been considered by the French professor Pierre, baron de Coubertin. The five rings represent the “five division of the planet” in which the Olympic association was active.

And also some peoples thought that those five colors and white background were selected since they included the colors of all nationwide flags in continuation at the point in time the Olympic flag was shaped.

The Olympics Flag in London 2012 and rings are confined by regulation in almost each nation in sort to stop their utilization by illegal persons or organizations. As in the year 1980, the IOC has produced significant income by permitting to copy the standard flag or logo.

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