Olympics Ceremonies (Handover ceremony, Opening and Closing ceremonies)

Olympics Ceremony

The London Olympics 2012 were off to a spectacular start, watched by approximately 80,000 spectators and almost one billion TV viewers. The show was filled with humour as it began with Queen Elizabeth II and Daniel Craig (James Bond- Movie Star) was shown in a parody, landing in the stadium from a helicopter.

The entire ceremony was packed with humour and lifted the spirit of the home crowd in particular. The odyssey of the show was driven primarily by the portrayal of the British history bringing in to light the time from the countrified past, the Industrial Revolution and the scintillating present. A tribute was paid to the National Health Service of the Country involving participation from the well known names- Harry Potter fame JK Rowling and Mr. Beans fame Rowan Atkinson in the colourful exhibition of the opening Ceremony of the games.

The curtain has finally been raised and the stage is set for some of the biggest stars- Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt and Roger Federer to name a few to showcase their expertise and once again mesmerize the sports fan with their brilliance on the field. It also presents an opportunity for the under dogs to bring surprise element to the games in their pursuit to achieve the Gold medal.

Olympics Ceremony Olympics Ceremony

The Olympics usually unlock with a creative manifestation that highlights the civilization and happenings of the host country. This ceremonial will comprise the raising of the host nation flag and the playing of its national anthem.

The opening ceremony is open with the "Parade of Nations". After which the president of host kingdoms’ organizing board will give a speech - trailed by the head of the IOC. After that the Olympic flag is passed into the sports ground horizontally on exhibit.

Olympics Ceremony

Then, lastly, as enthusiasm builds, the Olympic Torch formulate it's mode into the stadium transient among a numeral of generally well-known sportspersons. Whoever is at last selected to beam the chief torch- an outstanding honor - is typically a well-guarded undisclosed but is constantly a celebrity with a distinguishing sporty career.

At the end, as the closing marathon event has finished the core stadium is formerly again filled for the last ceremonies. Three different flags are lifted at the closing ceremony. One stands for Greece in the center, the current hosting country at the left, and the flag of the nation that will going to host the subsequent games at the right.

After that, chief of the host city will handover the Olympic flag to the head of the IOC who will sequentially hand it over it to the mayor of the next host country.

The Olympic Flame is afterward gradually snuffed out and as the Olympic Flag is coming down the Olympic anthem is play. And in the similar way as it was conceded in - the flag will depart the stadium.

Opening Ceremony

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