London Olympics 2012 Medals

An Olympic medal is honored to victorious participants at one of the Olympic Games. There are three categories of medal viz gold, silver and bronze. The champion is honored by gold medal, the first runner-up by silver and the third place holder by the bronze medal.

Some nations, over and above awarding all their Olympic sportsmen, grant sums of funds and gifts to medal champions depending upon the categories and figure of medals won.

In the very old Olympics, no medals were prized. The first place champ was given an olive garland to be dressed in on his head; second and third position conqueror received nil.

Medals propose have diverse significantly ever since the foremost Olympic Games in 1896, predominantly in mass and heaviness. A normal face design of the medals for the Summer Olympic Games start from 1928 and continues for several years, until its substitute at the 2004 Games as the consequence of disagreement nearby the employ of the Roman Coliseum relatively than a building in lieu of the Games' Greek ancestry.

The medals of the Winter Olympic Games not at all had an ordinary intend, but frequently trait snowflakes.

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