History of the Olympics

Olympic History dates back to 1896 when the first Olympic Games were held in the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens. It was under the patronage of the ancient IOC that the first Olympic Games were held. 241 athletes from 14 countries participated in 43 sports events. History of Olympic Games was written there. Some of the Greek officials and athletes excited after the event demanded the games to be held permanently in Athens. But IOC rejected the demand and the next Olympics were held in Paris, an Olympic History fact.

In the Olympic game history, the Olympic Games entered a period of stagnation after the 1896 success. In 1900 Paris Olympics, women participation for the first time was a major development. But this and 1904 St. Louis games were side shows. The monopoly of the United States in the 1904 games was a setback in the success of the Olympics. 1906 Athens Olympics brought back the prestige associated with History of Olympic Game. The huge participation of the athletes and the interest of the spectators were major reasons in reviving the success of the games. Olympic Ring represents the five continents. Slowly the games just moved on the way to its forward success.

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