London Olympics 2012

The London Olympics 2012 will commence on July 27 with an opening ceremony which will be called The Isles of Wonder. The Queen of England Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburg will officially open the games. About 204 countries are expected to be performing in the London Olympics 2012 this year and the Olympics 2012 calendar longs for 17 sports days. About 10500 athletes will be performing in 302 events in 26 sports.

There will be gross 302 events in the London Olympics Sports. For the first time in the Olympic Games history, the event of Women Boxing will be included in the games. Approximately 5000 medals, each weighing 400g each are designed by David Watkins, Royal Mint. It has designs of Nike - the Greek goddess, the Olympic Games logo and the Thames River.

The London Olympic games tickets are available at all the countries of the world which have NOC. The residents of Britain or any other European Union countries can buy the tickets for the games in any of the European Union countries. The London Olympics Schedule will end on August 12 and a closing ceremony will accompany the grand closing of the Olympic Games.

Host city London, England, United Kingdom
Motto Inspire a Generation
Nations 197 (qualified)
participating 204 (estimated)
Athletes participating 10,500 (estimated)
Events 302 in 26 sports
Opening ceremony 27 July
Closing ceremony 12 August
Stadium Olympic Stadium
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