Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

The Sheshrao Krushnarao Wankhede Ground is a cricket bowl active in the Indian downtown of Mumbai. This stadium had been incorporated after arguments amidst the Cricket Club of India, which manages the Brabourne Ground, and the Mumbai Cricket Association throughout the allotment of tickets for cricket games.

This was extreme subsequently after the Test amidst India and England in 1973. By the first step of S. K. Wankhede, a politico leader plus the secretarial assistant of the MCA (Mumbai Cricket Association) launched the fresh ground in Southern area of Mumbai nearby the Churchgate channel.

This has been formed in half year and launched eventually into the final Test considering India and consequently the West Indies in 1975. Subsequently the Wankhede ground has snapped throughout from Brabourne Ground as the primary cricketing location in the region.

The arena employs a capability of 33,442 and is constantly in controversy to organize a global series in India. Frequently organize to a number of high presence cricket games in the preceding time, most notably the game in which Ravi Shastri whacked six sixes consequently in one over.

The ground was currently remodeled in the piling up to organize the last Cricket World Cup in 2011, during which India conquered Sri Lanka by 6 wickets and won the world cup.

Establishing info :-

Place : Mumbai

Corporation : 1974

Capability : 33,482

Property owner : Mumbai Cricket Association

Machinist : Mumbai Cricket Association

Resident : Mumbai cricket team

Mumbai Indians

End labels : Garware Pavilion

Tata End

Global info :-

Initial Test 23 Jan - 29 Jan 1975: India v West Indies

Previous Test 22 November - 26 November 2011: India v West Indies

Initial ODI 17 Jan 1987: India v Sri Lanka

Previous ODI 23 October 2011: India v England