Pune International Cricket Centre Stadium

Pune International reach and international Play Hub identified as MCA Pune International Cricket Centre actually a cricket ground at this point underneath composition in Pune, India.

Whenever finished, it happens to be built to provide as the head office regarding Maharashtra Cricket Association and also the habitat ground considering the Maharashtra cricket squad and Indian Premier League squad Pune Warriors.

The conditions which are off the ways on locations, whenever it finishes off, may be one extremely cutting edge stadia in India.

Together with India choosing the biggest cricket show crowd all over the world and also Indian induce in international cricket mounting, the MCA arranged a fresh ground had been required.

Hopkins Designers of London had been accredited to shape a new 55,000 chair ground in Pune in the vicinity of Mumbai, and the actual Pune International Cricket Centre would be the outcome.

Anglo-Indian Sporting Turf Consultants ISTeC will offer a breakthrough tract, designed to point guidelines and ever increasing the most recent in playing surface technologies.

Establishing info :-

Place : Pune, Maharashtra

Corporation : 2009

Capability : 55,000

Property owner : Maharashtra Cricket Association

Machinist : Pune Stadium Ltd.

Resident : Sahara Pune Warriors

Maharashtra cricket team