Eden Gardens Stadium, Kolkata

Eden Gardens is an accomplished play land in Kolkata (earlier labeled as Calcutta), India. This is the condo for the Bengal cricket teams as well as the Indian Premier League's Kolkata Knight Riders, plus essentially a Test as well as ODI grate.

Simple fact is that it is the enceinte cricket ground in India by capability. It's generally recognized to have the highest renowned cricket arena from inside the country and also significant renowned sports stadium all over the world.

This is the second-largest cricket ground around the globe by sitting capability. Eden Gardens might be estimated just like the cricket's pick up to the Amphitheater. Eden Gardens has recently organized 37 Test games in India.

Founded in 1864, Eden Gardens without a doubt can hold 90,000 individuals implementing changes during the Cricket World Cup 2011; a volume down offs an appraised 100,000 prior to the upgrading.

Before the 1987 World Cup, the proportion was actually mentioned to be roughly speaking 120,000; though, no certified personas were being documented. Regardless, it will continue 2nd largest cricket bowl known to man, under the Melbourne Cricket Establish in Australia as well as Eden Gardens may also the 2nd biggest arena in India in the back of the Salt Lake Ground also located in Kolkata.

Preceding to nineteen eighty four simultaneously cricket as well as derby sports games had been starred within Eden Garden. This cricket stadium also crowd matches in 1987, 1996 and 2011 cricket world cup.

Establishing info :-

Place : Kolkata

Corporation : 1864

Capability : 90,000 (Standing Capacity: 130,000)

Property owner : Cricket Association of Bengal

Machinist : Cricket Association of Bengal

Resident : Indian Cricket Team

Bengal cricket team

Kolkata Knight Riders

End labels : High Court End

Pavilion End

Global info :-

Initial Test 5 Jan - 8 Jan 1934: India v England

Previous Test 14 Nov - 17 Nov 2011: India v West Indies

Initial ODI 18 Feb 1987: India v Sri Lanka

Previous ODI 25 Oct 2011: India v England

Home squad info :-

Bengal cricket team (present)

Kolkata Knight Riders (2008 - present)